Pottery Marks

Identifying Pottery Marks

Different types of pottery items are seen in world markets like ceramic plates, vases, tea sets, show piece curios, kitchenware, dinning ware, etc. These are purchased to decorate homes and also used daily for a variety of purposes. It is because of the intricate designs and styles in which they are made that they are prized. As far as pottery marks or ceramic marks are concerned, there are a few general rules that need to be followed to not only understand them but also value them. Errors can be reduced in determining value if markings are used on ceramic pottery. Many a times it is seen that the name of the country, various types of abbreviations or the period in which the pottery was made , etc. is marked on the pottery item.

Giving pottery items identities

Pottery marks help in giving the pottery item an identity according to which people develop a definite demand for the product. A company that manufactures pottery has to put a symbol on it which is also termed as a trademark. Identifying pottery marks can help in finding out in who the manufacturer is and the date of manufacture, which is very essential while considering durability of the polish pottery item and its value. This information is either painted or incised, and in certain cases even embossed and impressed. The items are identified by making use of initials or even letters.

A method in which initials are listed in an alphabetical order is also used by many companies. Initials correspond to the name of the company manufacturing the product. The reason why identifying pottery marks on different types of ceramic items is necessary is because it helps in identifying patterns and preferred design styles through time. Not all pottery looks the same and each designer item has its own making style. Retailers need to have an idea so that if they like the style or face demand, they can place the order whenever required.

Helps in identifying the manufacturer

Some of the reputed firms are at an advantage with markings as buyers are able to get an idea who the manufacturer is and that they are purchasing a reputed product. Such markings have high value as far as publicity of the product is concerned. There are many people who like to collect a variety of polish pottery as well as ceramic pottery items of different shapes as well as sizes. Some of the products that are antique and marked certainly enjoy higher value.

Pottery markings help in tracing the period or the year in which it was manufactured. It is seen that a large number of people love to collect or use pottery items and keeping this in mind, many manufacturers ensure that pottery items remain dated for upscale pricing. Different types of ‘effects’ are given to the markings. In some cases the effect is slightly ploughed, while in some cases the markings are impressed in the clay when it is soft. Some of the marks are painted, while in other cases at the time of decorating the pottery, engraved copper plates are used to get the printed marks transferred on them.